White Wolf Valkyrie


Life wanderer and Merchandise Marketing graduate, Ollie Stackhouse (aka NEBULA) has cultivated her deep passion for creativity and uniqueness. Possessing a serenade of business-driven mind with her vivacious sense of creative style, the venture of House of Circe was founded.

Little Horse Black Crow.jpg

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."


Through her life travels, love for life, art, music, lightwork, and her community, the idea of creating a kitschy point of passions for other mystics, healers, and creatives of all walks-of-life to share and support unique works was born. Soon followed her creative masterpieces in addition to her own long-standing celestial healing abilities.

The mission is to revive the sense of celestial culture and community. Let’s bring back the sweet seduction of healing, metaphysical knowledge, and unified community with other like minded individuals together. Lifestyle can be fun and fashionable as much as it a choice.